Identifying Nationalism in music


  • Know your Nationalistic composers:
    • Emanuel deFalla (Spain)
    • Antonin Dvorak (Czechoslavakia)
    • Nicolai Rimsky-Korsokov (Russian)
    • Michael Moore
    • Charles Ives (USA)
    • Joaquin Curina
    • Jose Manuel Dapena
    • Roy Harris
  • Identify Nationalist characteristics
  • Understand the Applications of Nationalism

Nationalism began to develop during the Romantic Era (1820 – 1915), and continues to grow to the present day. Many Romantic composers used music as a means to show their patriotism and loyalty for their country.  Most National Anthem were written or chosen during the 19th century, as nations such Italy and Germany began to unify.Questions:

  1. How do we identify a Nationalistic composer?
  2. What are some ways Nationalism is applied?
  3. What is the difference between individualism and nationalism?
  4. Why do Nationalist composers achieve popularity during the 1850’s and on?