Teaching Moments

What’s your thought on using iPad and tablets for preschoolers? On this modern generation, it can’t be denied that almost all children under age 8 had access to smartphones, tablets, tcheap cialis online ablets for pc , iphones, blackberry and other mobile media devices. Is it beneficial to our kids or not?

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We got our own iPad2 and most of the time it’s my 3-year-old who used it. It opens up new worlds of learning for him but we need to have balance. We need to have intentionality. We had conversations about this.For me if done right, using iPads and other kinds of tablets for kids will take thoughtfulness, time and plenty of teacher support. We also need to monitor the time spent in using the iPad. We take a break by bringing our son outside walking and playing Tag or hide-and-seek. During bedtime, I’m glad that we’re successful in asking Hyzyd to turn off the iPad for reading time. Though reading time is available in iPad, I still prefer to read books in a traditional way.

How about you? What’s your thought on using iPad and tablets for preschoolers?