Welcome to Torah Day School of Atlanta

Torah Day School of Atlanta was established to provide an intensive educational environment for Jewish children with a parallel General Studies and Judaic Studies curriculum.

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Mission Statement

Our mission as an Orthodox Jewish Day School is to create and maintain a superior educational institution which provides an intensive and progressive Jewish and general studies curriculum for all Jewish children in a positive and nurturing atmoshphere. Torah Day School of Atlanta seeks to inspire in each student a lifelong commitment to the acquisition of knowledge and the performance of the Torah’s commandments. The environment shall be one that promotes individual achievement, a desire, curiosity and thirst for all areas of knowledge, a positive self-concept, a respect for individual differences and the developement of Jewish moral and ethical behavior.

Torah Day School of Atlanta will accomplish this mission by utilizing the most innovative instructional methodology and technology to make learning exciting and relevant, by attracting and retaining a professional, dedicated and effective faculty whose values are consistent with the religious and educational philosophy of the school and by developing a partnership between the parents and the faculty to foster the students’ individual growth and achievement.

Our Values

Torah Day School of Atlanta seek s to instill in its students the following values:
-A love of Torah study for its own sake and a desire to be involved in Torah study for the rest of their lives.
-A respect and reverence for Torah scholars, past and present.
-A sense of Kedusha, Holiness, as it applies to speech, dress, thought and entertainment.
-A connection with the Halachic process, whereby Orthodox Rabbis are consulted before decisions relating to Halachic issues are made.
-The concept of Ahavat Yisroel which includes love and respect for each and every Jew and the Jewish people as a whole. A sense of awe and reverence for the concept of Klal Yisroel.
-Understanding of the obligation to be models of observance who inspire respect.
-The religious imperitive to reach out to less knowledgeable Jews, and the obligation to respect others even when we disagree.
-An appreciation for the Jewish concept of character building, so that regular introspection into personal character traits is seen as an integral part of Jewish living.